Alessandro Canu

Art director, artist, illustrator

Welcome, I am Alessandro Canu, freelance Art Director and illustrator. I live in Italy and the Czech Republic. If you have any interest in my work and wish to discuss about collaboration please contact me anytime. Thank you and have a nice day!

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Selected Work

Ogilvy (idea making, art direction, September 2017)     ↑ up

External collaboration for Ogilvy & Mather, Prague. With CD and copywriter we discussed two main ad campaign concepts for a major bank. In a matter of hours I came up with many ideas and sketches and directions on artwork's creation and production.

Newslab (graphic design)     ↑ up

Employed at Newslab, Prague in 2015 and 2016 as a graphic designer. The main task was to create infograhics for the print as well as graphic solutions for interactive infographics and applications.

Pospolu (iconography design)     ↑ up

Iconography for the subject sections of the new Pospolu website in a quasi geometrical, simple yet spontaneous and fresh style.

Kazak (illustration, art direction)     ↑ up

Visualizations and layout design for Kazak, a Prague based event organiser.

Lightmill (identity design)     ↑ up

New identity design for the post-production studio Lightmill, Prague.

Arkade Bau (identity design)     ↑ up

Logo design for a development project by Arkade Bau developer, Prague.

Czech Position (illustration, art direction)     ↑ up

Czech Position is an online newspaper based in Prague. I collaborated with the whole team of journalists on a full time daily basis for the entire year 2013.

FDT Design - Toy Fair (illustration, art direction)     ↑ up

FDT Design is a New York based communication studio with which I collaborate for over 10 years. Among their clients is the Toy Industry Association that organises for more than 100 years in New York City the Toy Fair, a huge fair where hundreds of toys manufacturers and sellers gather to meet tens of thousands of visitors. FDT Design took care of the communication program of the Toy Fair for three editions and I helped them with art direction and creating illustration sets to be used in a modular fashion throughout the whole program.

Mikulovsko Region (logo and identity manual)      ↑ up

Logo and identity manual for the Mikulovsko Tourist Region, a south moravian region known for its nature and vineyards.

Cosmica Press (logo illustration)     ↑ up

Cosmica Press is an italian contemporary art publisher. I helped FDT Design with the development of the publisher's identity by creating an iconic figure to be integrated in the logo: the unicorn.

Studio Factory (front end design)     ↑ up

Front end web design and Flash programming for the italian Studio Factory based in Matera.

BeRepublic (front end design)     ↑ up

Front end web design for BeRepublic, agency of interactive media based in Barcelona.

Zepter (illustration)     ↑ up

Slides for the presentation of the Czech managing team of the appliances company Zepter. Illustrations created for Event Arena, Prague.

Lemonade (art direction and illustration)     ↑ up

Lemonade is an independent advertising network based in Prague

FDT Design - Brandmaker Rosie 'O Donnell (animation)     ↑ up

A flash demo introducing a software that allows multiple users to develop different marks or signals, based on a consistent visual concept.

Gratissima (front end design)     ↑ up

Some front end design for Prague's Charles University made at Gratissima, Prague.

Czech Position (illustration, art direction - more samples)     ↑ up

My duty at Czech Position was to deliver illustrations for the articles usually very quickly. Among agency pictures to be bought and uploaded instantly there were also a lot of collages and drawings to do.

Freedom at work (illustration)     ↑ up

Illustrations for the communication program of the conference Freedom Live (Svoboda Nazivo) held in Prague in November 2012 by Peoplecomm

Peoplecomm (illustration)     ↑ up

People communicating freely and creatively with mobile technology in a lively natural environment. Illustration previously used for the header of Peoplecomm website.

Friend's Coffee House (illustration)     ↑ up

Illustration for a coffee bland label package created by the Prague's cafe, Friend's Coffee House

FDT Design - Opera (illustration)     ↑ up

Study on the Big Data visualization with a pure instinctive approach. Data expressionism.

FDT Design - Luaka Bop (illustration)     ↑ up

Luaka Bop record label founded by David Byrne produces fine music of various genres and backgrounds. I helped with some illustration work for a couple of CD packages.

My Skills

Concept, visualization100%


Drawing, retouch, vectorization 100%


Versatility 85%


Front End (HTML5+CSS3) 55%



Please download my CV for your reference. Looking forward to hear from you soon!